We organize clinics on order year around for the intensive training.

The prices for the clinics includes all the necessary gear and material needed and theory & practical teaching.

There should be 4 or more participants.

Skill at Arms

Participants get to know historical riding and learn to use weapons of the mounted knight; sword & spear. Training prepares the trainee for mounted warfare and hunting.

In the clinic participants are introduced to the use of horses and weapons in warfare and hunting through practical exercises.

Length 2 days


  • Aids in Historical Riding / horse movements
  • The basics of using weapons
  • Historical riding
  • Mounted fighting

Price 250€ / participant


In clinic we introduce the rider for one of the most demanding skills, jousting. Two day intensive training prepares the rider to ride in full armour against real opponent.

Length 2 days


  • Medieval riding style (Bravante)
  • Riding in armour
  • Using of lance
  • Jousting training

Price 290 € / participant

Working Equitation

The Working Equitation discipline aims at promoting competition between different ways of riding used in the fieldwork in various countries.

Working Equitation offers change & challenge for riding and is an excellent addition to normal training program.

Length 2 days


  • Working equitation as a discipline
  • Obstacles
  • Riding with the seat
  • Includes 4 x 1,5 h riding

Price 250 € / participant

Mounted archery

Mounted archery clinic get you going with ancient technics with mounted archery for two consecutive days.

In clinic we train with Hungarian and Mongol style of mounted archery And learn to control our mount with the seat.

Length 2 days


  • Bow & different technics
  • Shooting from the ground
  • Riding and controlling the horse (Gigante)
  • Mounted archery

Price 250 € / participant

Clinics in your place

We can also organize clinics in your stable / country. On order we’ll come and make a clinic that you can participate with your own horses. Your teachers will be European & Finnish national champion of historical riding Jaakko Nuotio & Anu Nuotio.

We will bring the needed equipments for the clinics.

Two day clinic consists of common theoretical lesson / demonstration and from two 1,5 hour sessions / rider.

The price for the clinic held in Finland is 150 € / rider.

Send us an email to discuss your needs.

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