Clinics & Lessons

Rohan is a horse stable located in beautiful archipelago in southern Finland.

We practice old historical ways of riding and mounted fighting. We teach riding and using of weapons according to historical sources as it was done when preparing for mounted warfare. You can also learn Working Equitation with us.

Our sensitive and highly trained horses are a pleasure for the advanced riders. Horses are reactive and fulfill your smallest wishes at the lightest touch. To participate in the lessons you need to have good basic riding skills.

Rohan Stables is also a home for National Historical Riding Association, which is a part of Finish Riding Association and was established to promote our disciplines.More info from the HRS website (in Finnish): Historiallisen Ratsastuksen Seura HRS. 

We are approved by Finnish National Riding Association.

Your teachers

Your teachers will be European and Finnish champion of historical riding Jaakko Nuotio & Anu Nuotio.


Our sources in teaching

Our technics are based ie. to the following:

  • Mounted Sword Techniques
    • Johannes Liechtenauer
    • Sigmund Ringeck
    • Fiore dei Liberi
    • Dom Duarten ”Livro Da Ensignanca De Bem Cavalgar Toda Sela”
  • Mounted wrestling
    • Sigmund Ringeck
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